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Forum 7: Adult learning and Education for sustainable development and resilience (englischsprachig)

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Dienstag, 21. Juni 202211:00 Uhr12:30 Uhr


The consequences of climate change are visible in many regions of the world. Large parts of humanity are affected by floods and drought. Hunger and an increasing number of conflicts as well as migration movements are among the consequences. What can adult learning and education (ALE) contribute to equip people with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to support sustainable development? What is the role of promoting resilience in dealing with the crises? 

On another level, however, education for sustainable development also addresses ethical problems and justice issues. How can ALE convey empathy and an awareness of global responsibility? How can it promote readiness for global solidarity?

Finally, the processes of change also raises questions about our understanding of democracy: How can we bring as many people as possible along in these processes? The pandemic has taught us a few things here, especially with regard to the risk of losing parts of the population, even where essential questions of life and death are at stake - but also with regard to the importance of education and dialogue. We must ask ourselves how we can empower the disadvantaged to effectively make their needs heard and resist populist temptations.


Constanze Abratzky

Constanze Abratzky is a journalist, media coach and moderator. As a parliamentary correspondent, she has followed politicians and the policy-making process. As a media trainer at DW Akademie, she advocates for the right of all people to free access to information. Her main areas of work there are consulting and leadership training, strategy development and communications consulting. She works with public and private clients in Europe, Africa and Asia. She is also a main presenter of the daily news programme PHOENIX-tv. As a moderator of panel discussions, she loves to explore topics in depth.

Christoph Jost

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Dr. Jose Roberto Guevara

Jose Roberto ‘Robbie’ Guevara is an educator with extensive experience in adult, community and popular education with a focus on education for sustainable development and global citizenship education. He is a sought after facilitator for his expertise in participatory, creative and experiential learning methodologies developed from his years of working as a grassroots environmental educator and community theatre practitioner in the Philippines. Robbie is President of the International Council of Adult Education (ICAE) and is Associate Professor if International Development at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) Melbourne, Australia. Robbie was inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame in October 2012 for his contribution to adult learning in the Asia-Pacific region.

Gustav Fridolin

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Myron Mendes

Myron Mendes is the National Facilitator for the Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC) and Communications Manager for LAYA Resource Centre. He has studied Agricultural Business and Natural Resource Management at The Ohio State University and lives in Mumbai. He works largely in the areas of building community resilience to Climate Change, Climate Change Education and Climate Policy Advocacy from an Indian justice perspective. To further enhance his work, he has been engaged with various stakeholders, from the urban and rural communities, for communities and individuals to mitigate their carbon emissions as well as adapting to the current climate crisis. As part of his work, he is involved with curriculum development, organizing train-the-trainer programs with community leaders in the rural areas and various urban professionals like architects, nutritionists, high school teachers, food producers, etc., developing an online course on Climate Change, to address the climate change and sustainable development issues within their own professional communities.

Eckhardt von Hirschhausen

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