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Rilli Lappallainen


Rilli Lappalainen is the founder and chair of Bridge 47 network, a global network that brings people together to support, promote and implement SDG 4.7. Bridge 47 network also does advocacy and raises awareness of the importance of right to active participation in societies.  In addition, Rilli Lappalainen is the President of CONCORD, the European Confederation of Relief and Development NGOs which, amongst many global issues, works with global citizenship education as well. Before that he served as vice-president of Forus, global network to represent civil society in many international arenas. As a civil servant, researcher, consultant, activist, CSO leader and facilitator in organisations in Finland, Europe and beyond Rilli Lappalainen has been fighting for global solidarity and sustainable development for more than 30 years, on the local level as well as internationally.

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